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Avrupa Holding
Avrupa Holding


The core of Avrupa Holding is Avrupa Sigorta Araciligi A.S., founded in 1981 to conduct the representation of Switzerland General Insurance, an insurance company of Swiss origin. When the company added construction and tourism to its field of activity, its corporate name has been changed as Avrupa Insaat ve Turizm Yatirimlari A.S. and was registered as Avrupa Holding A.S. in 1997.
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The group that its main activity field was insurance, in a joint venture with Switzerland General Insurance, in 1988 founded Isviçre Sigorta A.S., that its majority shares were kept by the Holding. The group showed success to rank among the top five insurance companies in Turkish insurance industry with this company and continued its activities among industry leaders as the first and only private equity insurance organization.

In 1994, again by holding the majority shares, the Group founded Isviçre Hayat Sigorta A.S. with the participation of IFC (International Finance Corporation) and added life insurance to its fields of activity. Isviçre Portföy A.S. was founded in 2000.

Despite its short history of 30 years, without affiliated with a finance or industry group in Turkish insurance sector, Isviçre Sigorta holding a more important place than its equivalents with its success, achieving to be the fourth largest group in Turkey in 2008, with regard to premium production. Following this important success, the Group has ended its investments in the insurance industry by selling them to the German Ergo Group and has entered in the process of restructuring.

In the process of restructuring, by taking four industries as primary targets, Avrupa Holding has focused its activities in the fields of construction, food, agriculture and education. Along with these main fields,  Avrupa Holding has commenced R&D works to use the possible opportunities in the fields of energy, tourism, software, social services and education and has founded various companies.

100 % of Avrupa Holding A.S.’s shares are owned by Balci Family, local investor. Okan Balci, founder of the Holding represents the first generation, whereas Murat and Mert Balci Brothers form the second generation.

Avrupa Holding Tarihçe

This magnificent building was built as a summer mansion by İsmail Zühtü Pasha, born in 1806, in 1868.